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The world has never moved faster. As digital and physical landscapes keep evolving, trust has become more important than ever for every interaction. As a strategic growth platform, TOPPAN NEXT empowers businesses with the confidence to safeguard high-risk digital and physical information & products. With our global reach, advisory expertise, and strategic acquisitions & incubations, our portfolio companies drive innovation in next-gen tech like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Robotics & Automation to shape a safer and more secure future.

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We value collaboration with unique individuals whose collective brilliance, integrity, and generosity propels us towards excellence. Headquartered in Singapore, our people-over-process philosophy guides us to assemble dream teams around the world. We’re intentional in creating a culture where creativity, productivity, and innovation flourish. Find out more about our people in Hong Kong, New York, London, Dubai, and more.


We’re a big believer of disrupting ourselves for Return on Innovation. With customer-focused sector specialism, we actively back passionate entrepreneurs with extensive investment in disruptive tech to create long-term value and profitable growth. We focus on three key areas:

  1. Regulated Communications – We simplify content and compliance, allowing customers to focus on business growth.
  2. Global Security – We safeguard digital & physical identity and payment credentials.
  3. Print – We create lasting sensory experiences with specialty print & packaging solutions.

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a history of
A Singapore printer is born
1973 - 1998 (25 years)

As a subsidiary of Temasek, we started out as Singapore National Printers. After acquiring Educational Publications Bureau (EPB), we became the first company to list on the SESDAQ as SNP Corporation.

Expanding our footprint to Greater China
1998 - 2008 (10 years)

Under the leadership of CEO Chee Tong Yeo (1998 – present), we expanded beyond Singapore. After acquiring strong print businesses in Greater China like Leefung-Asco, we rebranded as SNP Leefung. Achieving 70% of the magazine print market share in China, we boldly expanded our service offerings by acquiring companies specialising in packaging, labeling, security printing, and financial printing.

Emerging as a leader in China's print sector
2008 - 2018 (10 years)

Joining forces with the TOPPAN GROUP (TYO:7911), we rebranded as TOPPAN LEEFUNG. Now part of a Nikkei 225 global leader in communication solutions, we fortified our specialisations in packaging, labeling, security printing, and financial printing.

Expanding globally beyond print
2018 - 2023 (5 years)

Looking towards digital transformation, we moved beyond financial and security printing and expanded our focus areas in Regulated Communications and Global Security by acquiring TOPPAN Ecquaria in Singapore, TOPPAN Merrill (formerly Merrill Corporation) in Minnesota, and TOPPAN Next Creative in Shanghai. Organically, we also incubated TOPPAN Gravity in Dubai, TOPPAN Next Tech in Singapore, and TOPPAN Digital Language in London. By now, we’re a global business with a combined annual revenue of US$1 billion.

Our Next chapter: Investing in next-gen tech
2023 and beyond

Reflecting our new business mix after 50 years of history, we rebranded as TOPPAN Next. We’re committed to further technology investment in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Robotics & Automation, and Natural Language Processing. We’ll also develop new markets in Africa, Centra Asia and Latin America.


We do not protect our culture, we improve it. Our values are reflected in the people we recruit, reward, and retain.

We build high-performing diverse teams driven by a shared vision of collaboration, open communication, informed risk-taking, and continuous improvement.

We look towards tradition to bring in innovation. We’re not afraid to pivot fast from our core competencies of the past and build towards the future.

Through technology investments and co-creation, we aim to be a force for good in the communities we serve, generating new value for a sustainable future.


We aim to be a force for good in the communities we serve – that includes our customers, our stakeholders, the public, and our planet.

As an equal opportunity employer, we’re committed to fostering a safe, open, and fair workplace.

We actively seek to partner with suppliers that take a responsible position on human rights, health and safety, and pressing environmental issues.

We accelerate sustainability initiatives globally through stringent waste management.

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