Toppan Gravity Pretoria 3 Sep 2021

Pretoria, South Africa, 3 September 2021 – Toppan Gravity, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Toppan Leefung and Toppan (TYO:7911), a global leader in communication, security, packaging, décor materials, and electronics solutions, announces the acquisition of Face Technologies (Pty) Ltd, an IT system integrator specializing in turnkey biometrics, cards and identification solutions implemented in over 20 countries in Africa, Asia and Europe.

The acquisition of the niche market company Face Technologies, a company with more than 28 years of experience, by the global security solutions provider Toppan Gravity, unleashes unparalleled new opportunities around government identity programs and solutions, including civil registration, elections, ID and passports, as well as driver and vehicle registrations in the African region. As part of the acquisition agreement, Face Technologies will be named Toppan FaceTech (Pty) Ltd.

“We are very pleased that Face Technologies, which is a global IT system integrator focused on Africa is now part of the Toppan family”, says Jean-Pierre Ting, Managing Director of Toppan Gravity, who added “We appreciate Face Technologies’ extensive know-how and expertise along with their long-term experience and references in the ID and election business in Africa.”

The combination of the Toppan Group’s comprehensive solution and product portfolio along with Face Technologies’ considerable systems integration and biometrics experience, allows the consortium to compete internationally and grow its market share significantly while maintaining its long-term partnerships with governments worldwide.

“Being part of a bigger group of companies which include, amongst others, Toppan iDGate, an AI-face recognition and mobile security token identity verification specialist, as well as Toppan FutureCard, an end-to-end smart card solutions provider, will enable us to offer a diverse, state-of-the-art solution portfolio for the identity verification market which is estimated by some researchers to double in the next 5 years”, says Serfies Serfontein, Managing Director of Face Technologies (Pty) Ltd.

About Face Technologies
Founded in 1993, Face Technologies (Pty) Ltd is an IT system integrator providing customized, end-to-end solutions specializing in card technologies and biometrics applied in over 20 countries in Africa, Asia and Europe. These include systems such as Driving License Systems, Motor Vehicle Registration and Management Systems, Electoral Solutions and National ID Solutions based on its Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS), which is a highly scalable identification and authentication platform.

With headquarters in Irene, South Africa, Face Technologies has successfully implemented projects in over 20 countries in the past 28 years. Face Technologies is a vendor-agnostic company, and with its in-depth experience, develop customer-centric solutions where we will always provide the best of breeds solutions, technologies and vendors that will best suit our customers’ requirements.

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About Toppan Gravity
As a global solutions provider primarily focused on the payment and Identity industries, Toppan Gravity Ltd. aims at developing the next generation of virtual and physical security documents.

With the vision of becoming the forerunner in the secure ID and payment industry, the company focuses on driving synergies within the Toppan Group, through strategic acquisitions. Toppan Gravity empowers promising companies’ having state-of-the-art technology or businesses in emerging markets, including Asia, Africa, and Latin America to enhance their overall performance. Furthermore, the company enables its acquisitions to take advantage of the opportunities presented by its large, diversified group having numerous resources and extensive know-how.

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About Toppan
Established in Tokyo in 1900, Toppan is a leading and diversified global provider committed to delivering sustainable, integrated solutions in fields including printing, communications, security, packaging, décor materials, electronics, and digital transformation. Toppan’s global team of more than 50,000 employees offers optimal solutions enabled by industry-leading expertise and technologies to address the diverse challenges of every business sector and society and contribute to the achievement of shared sustainability goals.

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