Toppan Gravity Pretoria 5 Jul 2023

Pretoria, South Africa, 5 July 2021 – Toppan Gravity, a leading solutions provider in the secure payment and identity industries and wholly-owned subsidiary of Toppan Leefung Group and Toppan Inc (Nikkei 225 – TYO: 7911) is pleased to announce the full acquisition of Toppan FaceTech (Pty) Ltd, an established IT systems integrator specialized in government biometric and digital security solutions based in Pretoria, South Africa.

With 30 years of experience in government IT solutions, Toppan FaceTech boasts an impressive track record involving over 20 different governments, dealing mainly with Transport Information Systems, ID, and Elections. The full acquisition of Toppan FaceTech, currently employing 37 people, will allow Toppan Gravity to exploit synergies further, strengthening their collective ability to offer end-to-end solutions for Identity Management and Elections.

“Becoming part of a group like Toppan unlocks countless new opportunities for Toppan FaceTech. Working to our strengths with the experience gained from our long history of successful projects while leveraging the many synergies offered within the group will enable Toppan FaceTech to reach its full potential”, says Andre Appelgryn, CFO at Toppan FaceTech.

In line with Toppan Gravity’s overall strategy, this move also helps bring the Toppan brand significantly closer to the African markets while expanding the reach of Toppan FaceTech’s solutions. As part of the process of reinforcing ties and perception as a unified entity, Toppan FaceTech has been renamed Toppan Gravity Pty Ltd with Nicolas Jaouen as the company’s new Managing Director.

“As Digital Identity and Authentication are becoming an essential part of our lives, Toppan FaceTech is in a prime position to deliver meaningful solutions for seamless and secure identification services”, says Nicolas Jaouen, adding “I am honoured to be entrusted with the team’s ambition of becoming the leading system integrator for identity solutions in Africa and look forward to enriching our portfolio with many new success stories. By leveraging the unique set of skills our team’s creative, dedicated, and talented professionals have to offer, we will strive to elevate the South African Offices to Toppan Gravity’s premier software development and systems integration center.”