Toppan Gravity Addis Ababa 9 May 2024

Addis Ababa – May 8, 2024 – TOPPAN GRAVITY ETHIOPIA SHARE COMPANY (TOPPAN Gravity Ethiopia), a joint venture formed by Ethiopian Investment Holdings (EIH), TOPPAN Gravity, Berhanena Selam Printing Enterprise (BSPE), and Education Materials Production Distribution Enterprise, held the groundbreaking ceremony for the new passport manufacturing and issuance plant in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on May 8, 2024.

TOPPAN Gravity and the Ethiopian government partnered to establish TOPPAN Gravity Ethiopia in July 2023, aimed at spearheading the production and distribution of state-of-the-art passports, IDs, driving licenses, and payment cards. The TOPPAN Group maintains a 51% ownership stake in the company through its UAE-based subsidiary, GRAVITY GROUP IND. L.L.C, while the Ethiopian government holds a 49% stake through Ethiopian Investment Holdings

The new plant will draw on the TOPPAN Group’s accumulated security printing and data processing technologies as well as its expertise in the handling of personal information to help drive the development of public infrastructure in Ethiopia. TOPPAN will also provide support for onsite operations and contribute to the knowledge and technology transfer while fostering employment opportunities in Ethiopia.


With future population growth and economic development anticipated, across numerous African countries there is a growing demand to enhance their social infrastructure. This surge in demand is driving the need for innovative solutions that help governments manage citizens’ data from birth registration onward, while also expanding citizens’ access to public services.

With roots dating back to its founding in 1900, the TOPPAN Group has a longstanding history in security printing, which has remained a core aspect of its operations. Leveraging this rich heritage, the Group has successfully supplied government IDs to over 40 countries.

The TOPPAN Group is now employing its cutting-edge technologies and solutions in launching the joint venture with the Ethiopian government to deliver a full suite of passport and ID issuance solutions to Ethiopia, ranging from personal data registration and database management to business process outsourcing.

What the future holds 

As the initial phase unfolds with the launch of the manufacturing plant in Ethiopia, the TOPPAN Group aims to leverage its technologies and solutions to pioneer comprehensive government IDs such as passports, visas, certificates, and other documents issued by government agencies across the African market. Future endeavors will extend to producing IDs and passports for neighboring countries. Simultaneously, the Ethiopian government will ensure the operational design is aligned with local needs by establishing rules and regulations for passports and IDs.

About Toppan Gravity

TOPPAN Gravity is a subsidiary of TOPPAN Next, serving as the international development arm of the TOPPAN Group in the security domain. Being part of the most prestigious conglomerate in the industry with decades of experience and multiple well-known references, TOPPAN Gravity benefits from the TOPPAN Group’s strong market position and extensive expertise. As a global solutions provider primarily focused on the payment and Identity industries, TOPPAN Gravity aims at developing the next generation of virtual and physical security solutions.

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About the TOPPAN Group

Established in Tokyo in 1900, the TOPPAN Group is a leading and diversified global provider committed to delivering sustainable, integrated solutions in fields including printing, communications, security, packaging, décor materials, electronics, and digital transformation. The TOPPAN Group’s global team of more than 50,000 employees offers optimal solutions enabled by industry-leading expertise and technologies to address the diverse challenges of every business sector and society and contribute to the achievement of shared sustainability goals.

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