Toppan Gravity Dubai 27 Sep 2023

Dubai, 27 September 2023 – Toppan Gravity secured the top prize in the “Best Sustainable Product” category at the 2023 Gulf Sustainability Awards for its innovative development of OXYGEN cards, a series of payment cards crafted from eco-friendly materials. The award presentation took place during an exclusive event held at the Sofitel Dubai on September 27th.

The Gulf Sustainability Awards, a high-profile annual event hosted by Awards International, serves as a platform to acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of organizations and individuals championing best practices in Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) across diverse industries in the Middle East. This year’s edition recognized award recipients across 19 distinct categories, encompassing environmental sustainability, sustainability awareness, community development, and water or waste management.

The #MoreOXYGEN initiative leading to this remarkable achievement began in 2020 with the introduction of environmentally conscious card products. The OXYGEN cards were created with a keen focus on reducing their environmental impact relative to conventional PVC cards. The primary component of the card body is constructed from materials that are recyclable, renewable, or recycled, including PETg, PLA, recycled PVC, and recycled PETg. These materials were thoughtfully selected to reduce the carbon footprint throughout their entire life cycle, a fact validated by a comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). These eco-friendly card products have gained international recognition and adoption, making a substantial contribution to reducing the environmental footprint associated with payment cards on a global scale.

Beyond the cards themselves, Toppan Gravity has undertaken a holistic approach to sustainability by diligently measuring crucial aspects of production, encompassing energy consumption, material usage, and waste generation. Notably, the company successfully recycled 150 tonnes of post-production PVC waste in the UAE over the past year. Furthermore, Toppan Gravity proudly stands alongside industry leaders as a member of Mastercard’s Greener Payment Partnership (GPP), a distinguished consortium dedicated to advancing sustainability across the payments landscape.

Securing this award was a result of rigorous competition and six-month evaluation process. Entries were meticulously scrutinized, and the finalists were selected based on the strength of their submissions. The ultimate round involved presenting their sustainability initiatives to a panel of independent judges. The competition included a diverse array of participants representing various sectors and industries, with Schneider Electric, Apparel Group, and SNG Facilities emerging as fellow finalists. Ultimately, Toppan Gravity clinched the Gold Award, while Schneider Electric earned the Silver.

The Gold Award serves as a testament to Toppan Gravity’s commitment to sustainability, the effort to creating products that align with the evolving demands of environmentally conscious consumers, and alignment with the sustainability goals set by card networks. Choosing to participate in a local award reflects the company’s strategic decision to increase its visibility and market share in the UAE, a region where sustainability initiatives are gaining significant momentum.
As Toppan Gravity continues its #MoreOXYGEN journey, this accomplishment represents a significant milestone. Nevertheless, the company also acknowledges that there is still much ground to cover and continues to drive its efforts, spearheading a diverse range of initiatives, including research into novel materials, enhancing operational efficiency, leading projects focused on reducing energy and water consumption, and collaborating across a wide array of endeavours, all aimed at collectively shaping a greener future.