Toppan Ecquaria Singapore 4 Dec 2019

Singapore, 4 December 2019 – Toppan Leefung (“Leefung”) successfully completed the full acquisition of Ecquaria Limited (“Ecquaria”), a digital technology company specializing in the government domain, establishing Toppan Leefung Group’s position as a leader in the digital transformation business.

Established in 1998, Ecquaria’s headquarters is in Singapore with 4 global offices and it has helped governments across Asia, Africa, North and South America transform digitally. Specializing in digital government, Ecquaria works at the intersection of business and technology, enabling governments to innovate and enhance their engagement with their citizens and create sustainable value for their stakeholders.

The initial focus of the company was to help governments move traditional counter services online. Ecquaria has since grown to be at the forefront of technologies, implementing end-to-end cloud-native solutions with microservices that provide agile, rapid yet secure development of loosely-coupled applications.

Ecquaria’s full suite of digital products, focusing on key areas of cloud technology and digital transformation such as DevSecOps, API Gateway, and Machine Learning, puts the company in a well-poised position to increase our market share in the digital space.

Their strength in digital government and cloud automation is synergistic to Leefung’s security business. The complementary businesses enable Leefung to accelerate its reach in the digital technologies domain which is essential in this digital era.

This marks an exciting phase and together, we aim to create more innovations and bring greater value to our customers. Welcome aboard, Toppan Ecquaria!