Toppan Next Singapore 31 Mar 2024

TOPPAN NEXT (TNX) has successfully orchestrated the largest management summit and retreat in its 50 years history, bringing people from diverse nationalities and backgrounds from various parts of the world together in Q1 of 2024.

The past five years saw pivotal changes across the Group, with the acquisition of companies like TOPPAN Merrill and TOPPAN Ecquaria, as well as the formation of companies like TOPPAN Digital Language and TOPPAN Gravity.  Today, the Group has set its focus on 3 key business segments: Regulated Communications, Global Security and Print Media. Business capabilities have also expanded in tandem to meet the demands of the next normal.

Seeing is believing

Over the span of two days, various business leaders across the three segments took the opportunity to share about their businesses with the wider Group and colleagues. Through this sharing, our management staff are “supercharged” with information – giving them a much clearer picture of the Group’s direction going forward, as well as the role that each and everyone plays. The summit served as a knowledge sharing platform to both experienced and new staff alike.

Forging memories of a lifetime together

It is a rare opportunity to have everyone together, and naturally, a must to have some fun together. Three unique locations were chosen that best represented our host country: A visit to Hong Kong Jockey Club, seafood dinner at Lamma Island and a modern Italian spot for our closing dinner – concluding a truly diverse and special Hong Kong experience!