Terence Ng, GM,

Based in Singapore, Terence is the General Manager of TOPPAN Next Tech. With more than 30 years of experience in APAC tech, security, digital, and commercial printing businesses, Terence leads operations. TOPPAN Next Tech is a reliable partner of choice for Singapore and foreign governments, financial institutions, and organizations, whom they trust to handle specialized integrated security projects. Terence has held key roles in FireEye, Dell, HPE, Sun Microsystems, and Singapore Computer Systems. He holds an Electrical Engineering degree and emphasizes a healthy lifestyle with interests in technology, fitness, and family.

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What is a key attribute that makes our security & commercial printing solutions unique?

We recognize the need to think ahead beyond our strength in print media, and make investments to weave in AI, automation and robotics technology into our security solutions. It is the trust, confidence, and attitude of our people towards the next change that allows us steer shifting into the digital future.

What's one word to describe security & commercial printing at TOPPAN Next Tech?

Tenacity. As Singapore’s forerunner in security & commercial printing, we are determined to futureproof our businesses, and fly our flag high beyond our local shores. Our new digital capabilities, which will progressively unfold in the future, are gamechangers that will improve the lives of people. We are just at the start of the next era of Global Security and are excited to witness it unfold.