Toppan Gravity Taipei 27 Nov 2020

Taipei, Taiwan, 27 November 2020 – Toppan Leefung (Singapore), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Toppan, (Nikkei 225 – TYO: 7911) the Japanese global leader in printing and security, announces the acquisition of Taiwan-based fintech firm iDGate Corporation specializes in identity verification technologies. The transaction was achieved by Toppan Leefung’s investment platform Toppan Gravity.

Toppan’s global business coverage will strengthen iDGate’s worldwide market presence and position it as a leading identity verification and reliable e-KYC (electronic know your customer) solution for government and banking partners. Together with Toppan, iDGate will provide users with a seamless online authentication experience in any financial and payment transaction.

“We are witnessing the increasing demand for digital banking, digital identification and cloud-based digital services. We at Toppan want to be at the forefront of this promising trend. By joining the creative minds and development skills of our teams at Toppan Printing, Toppan FutureCard, Toppan Ecquaria and iDGate, our vision of becoming a leading player in secure authentication and digital ID is now starting to take shape.”, says Yeo Chee Tong, CEO of Toppan Leefung Pte. Ltd.

As an expert of identity verification technologies, iDGate provides advanced multi-factor authentication technologies along with AI-powered facial recognition combined with secure mobile device binding techniques. To offer clients a superior customer experience, iDGate commits itself to constantly introduce new technologies thanks to its extensive research and development capabilities. As part of the market expanding strategy, the company will further extend its coverage in Japan, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

“Since iDGate’s foundation in 2013, we have always been dedicated to providing innovative mobile security authentications with the ambitious vision of becoming one of the top-notch specialists in the related business area”, says Kersey Shang, co-founder and CEO of iDGate, who added “Over the years we have designed and developed a range of security solutions including push notification authentication, multi-factor authentication, AI-powered facial liveness detection and recognition, eKYC ID verification and the FIDO2 authentication solution. In 2014 the company was selected by global top 14 financial services firms and the leading technology consulting firm Accenture as the Global Top 8 and only Taiwanese startup to participate in the FinTech Innovation Lab, one of the top fintech innovation labs worldwide. Ever since, iDGate has become the technology partner of over 15 banks in Taiwan and overseas, serving over 10 million registered users and powering millions of authentication transaction each month. The strategic investment of Toppan in iDGate will combine the Philosophy of Kodawari (commitment and insistence) and the extensive innovation capabilities of both companies; we are proud to say that we are ready to go global together.”


Founded in November 2013, iDGate is specialized in identity verification solutions, protecting identity for online and mobile transactions that meet the highest security standard of banking industry. Originated in Taiwan, with their top-notch technologies, service excellence and revolving security solutions, the firm has accumulated customer base of top major banks in Taiwan and expanded rapidly in Hong Kong and other overseas markets. iDGate’s core and expanding technologies include Push Notification Authentication, AI-powered Facial Recognition, eKYC ID Verification and Multi-factor Authentication.