Chee Tong
Chee Tong Yeo, President & CEO
TOPPAN NEXT, Singapore

Based in Singapore, Chee Tong has been the President & CEO of TOPPAN NEXT since 1998. Over the last 25 years, he has assembled specialist teams led by kind, ethical leaders to expand the company from a niche manufacturer in Singapore to a diversified multinational with a long-term vision on employee engagement, customer centricity, and technology leadership. Chee Tong attended the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School and was a Singapore Government Merit Scholar holding an MBA and a MSc in Engineering from the National University of Singapore.

What are the key factors that have contributed to the consistent growth of TOPPAN NEXT since you joined as CEO in 1998?

We’re not afraid to branch out from our core competencies. Our flat structure empowers our MDs to be entrepreneurial with quick decision-making to drive innovation and profitable growth, achieving a Group-level CAGR of 13% over 25 years with a combined annual revenue of US$1 billion.

What are some recent advancements across the Group?

Post-pandemic, we’ve brought back our group-wide management retreat that happens every two years to boost collaboration and fresh brainstorming among subsidiaries. We’ve also identified 20 future leaders to be part of the retreat. We value establishing personal mentorships to inspire and support our young talent.

Other than investing heavily in technology, we’re also committed to expanding in markets new to us, especially Africa, Central Asia, and Latin America. The median age in Africa is 19 years old. As that’s where the future is heading, it makes sense for us to partner with local players to establish new hubs of excellence.