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The world has never moved faster. As digital and physical landscapes keep evolving, trust has become ever more important for every interaction.

At TOPPAN NEXT, we’re familiar with how New never stands still. New Normal? That’s just the Next Normal. So, we asked New, what comes Next?

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As a strategic growth platform, TOPPAN NEXT empowers businesses with the confidence to safeguard high-risk digital & physical information and products. With our global reach, advisory expertise and strategic acquisitions & incubations, our portfolio companies build next-gen solutions that help shape a safer, more secure future within three focus areas.

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Regulated Communications
We simplify communications and compliance, allowing customers to focus on business growth. Portfolio companies include TOPPAN Merrill, TOPPAN Nexus, and TOPPAN Digital Language.
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Global Security
We safeguard digital and physical identity & payment credentials with innovative security solutions. Portfolio companies include TOPPAN Gravity, TOPPAN Ecquaria, and TOPPAN Next Tech.
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by investing in
our people today

To build enduring companies with outsized impact, we cultivate mission-driven innovators, problem-solvers, and sector specialists with strong ties to local communities. Our diverse teams stay entrepreneurial with a long-term view by having shared values and beliefs.

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At TOPPAN Nexus, we believe in putting our people first. That's why we've been investing in our Future Leaders programme for over a decade, empowering rising stars to gain the hands-on experience and cross-functional exposure to become exceptional managers.
Christabel Lee, President, TOPPAN Nexus
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We've had incredible support from TOPPAN NEXT allowing us to continue building on our 55+ year heritage of being an industry leader. The world of compliant communications is rapidly changing and we greatly value the support shown for many of our recent innovative investments.
JoAnn Kern, President, TOPPAN Merrill
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We're not afraid to branch out from our core competencies. Our flat structure empowers our MDs to be entrepreneurial with quick decision-making to drive innovation and profitable growth, achieving a Group-level CAGR of 13% over 25 years with a combined annual revenue of US$1 billion.
Chee Tong Yeo, President & CEO, TOPPAN NEXT
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customers unlock
new growth

The best way to change the game is to create the next game. We help some of the world’s best companies build for tomorrow by tailoring solutions that create value today. We do this by seeking meaningful, long-term relationships with our customers to create truly transformative results.

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2.7M citizens can now vote

TOPPAN GRAVITY will supply the Election Committee of a Southern African country with an end-to-end suite of products and services.

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How we localized 18.5M words

TOPPAN DIGITAL LANGUAGE has successfully delivered translations for over 18.5 million words for an American clinical research firm.

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DX for Singapore Courts

TOPPAN ECQUARIA implemented the Integrated Case Management System (ICMS), an innovative platform to streamline and digitalise criminal case filing.

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