2.7M citizens can now vote
Toppan Gravity Southern Africa 5 May 2023

TOPPAN GRAVITY will supply the Election Committee of a Southern African country with an end-to-end suite of products and services.

the challenge

As part of the electoral law, voters in this South African country must be registered to partake in these elections and a voter ID card must be issued to registered voters as proof of registration. This card will be used on the day of voting to identify voters to proceed with the voting process.

our solution

Toppan Gravity has been supplying voter management systems to the Southern African country’s Electoral Commission since 2012.

Mobility is key. Tablet devices, voter registration kits, voter card printer kits and voter identity (ID) cards will be provided under the contract. It allows the government to enroll the population all over the country, allowing every eligible citizen to be registered for voting.

Toppan Gravity is also responsible for all the software applications that go with the capturing of the biometric and demographic information of the voters, printing of the voter ID cards, and the verification of the voters on the day of voting using a fingerprint biometric. These software applications will be deployed on the tablet devices and will be integrated with the voter registration and printer kits.

the results
Empowered voters

An estimated 2.7 million voters will be able to exercise their rights to vote in 2024.