How we increase online visibility and conversions using transcreation
Toppan Digital Language London 22 Feb 2024

How we helped a global footwear retailer increase its online European visibility and conversions using transcreation.

the challenge

A leading global athletic footwear and sportswear retailer needed to increase the visibility of its brand category page articles in European markets. This included the visibility of its core brand lines. The primary objectives were to increase European awareness of the retailer, maintain its unique tone of voice, boost traffic and sales, and compete with the brands it sells in search engine results within European markets.

our solution

Our approach began with extensive multilingual keyword research to identify key terms that resonated with local markets. We recognized the unique nature of the content, which led us to choose transcreation over traditional localization. This strategy involved:

  • Including branded keywords for each product line to improve visibility against the brand’s own native websites
  • Utilizing a global network of marketing linguists skilled in brand content

In doing so, we created customized glossaries for five European languages, optimizing them for both organic and paid search. Through a detailed onboarding process, we gained a deep understanding of the retailer’s tone of voice. This enabled our team to adapt content creatively and appropriately for each cultural context, while preserving the brand’s unique voice and appeal.

the results
Languages translated

The implementation of our transcreation strategy had a significant impact in European markets, most notably seen in:

  • A substantial increase in traffic and conversions
  • Transcreation grew to constitute 90% of our content creation for the retailer, now extending to up to 12 languages
  • Expanded internal operations with a dedicated linguistic team for consistent brand voice and global alignment.