How we delivered US$1M savings in the first year for a Medicare Plan Provider
Toppan Merrill United States 4 Apr 2023

“We are delighted by the ease of the ANOC/EOC creation process this year, which resulted in significant savings and allowed staff to focus on strategic planning rather than repeated review cycle. We are looking forward to even more efficiencies by partnering with Toppan Merrill this year.” — Director of Marketing, Medicare Advantage Plan Sponsor

the challenge

Each year health plans struggle to produce their CMS-required Annual Notice of Change (ANOC) and Evidence of Coverage (EOC) documents efficiently, accurately and in a timely fashion. Failure to meet compliance deadlines, or follow strict regulated guidelines, can impact Star Ratings or result in fines on the business.

our solution

To ensure compliance and overcome these ANOC and EOC document challenges, this major health plan partnered with Toppan Merrill leveraging Toppan Merrill Control Center to manage, create, distribute and inform their annual ANOC and EOC document lifecycle.

Toppan Merrill Control Center is an innovative solution that combines CMS model language with web-based plan data management to generate real time ANOC and EOC documents. It allows health plans to quickly modify their required member documents to adapt to yearly plan updates and CMS marketing and model guidelines changes.

This major plan provider realized the benefit of:

  • Earlier delivery of initial ANOC and EOC proofs
  • Reduced number of review cycles
  • Plan-specific document customization
  • Reliable, accurate management of multiple versions
  • Mitigated accuracy and delivery risks
the results

With the highest level of accuracy and realizing cost-effectiveness in process and output, this health plan will continue to leverage Toppan Merrill Control Center and the member services team to create ANOC and EOC documents.

According to their Director of Marketing, Toppan Merrill Control Center delivered numerous benefits:

  • Significant cost savings. A $1 million cost savings and anticipated greater savings through additional reduced review cycles in Year Two.
  • Greater efficiency. With Control Center, they cut review cycles by 50% and gained efficiencies in the full process, The Plan was able to begin their review cycle a full month earlier than prior years.
  • Complete confidence. As a result of the improved processes and accelerated time to market, they had confidence their documents were compliant and error-free.