How we delivered 300K+ electronic passports for an East Asian country
Toppan Gravity East Asia 7 Jul 2022

As of Q2 2023, Toppan Gravity has delivered 300,000+ electronic polycarbonate data page units as well as the necessary quantities of other consumables for the production of the passport booklets.

the challenge

Our client, with a large territory but a small population of about 3.3 million inhabitants, have been importing their non-electronic passport booklets from Europe for close to 30 years.

In 2016, the government attempted to upgrade their passport booklet to an electronic version, but the European company they worked with at the time failed to deliver a product to match their technical requirements.

our solution

After several years of closely working with the country’s government, Toppan Gravity managed to secure an exclusive contract for the supply of all the security components of the passport booklet (electronic polycarbonate data page, visa sheets, end sheets, covers, sewing threads, glues, hardeners, etc) over a period of five years.

the results

Toppan Gravity is supplying the passport booklet components to its local partner who built a factory dedicated to this project. Toppan Gravity was instrumental in setting up this facility in record time of less than six months. The local partner will be assembling the new electronic passport booklet in this facility and then issue it to the government for personalization.

The contract was signed only after the delivery of the first batch of consumables as the government wanted to make sure that the quality of the new passport was up to their technical requirements.