How we delivered a first-of-its-kind bank branch in a box in Seychelles
Toppan Gravity Seychelles 9 Sep 2022

In partnership with Toppan Gravity, Nouvobanq is set to become the first bank to offer automated service kiosks in Seychelles.

the challenge

Companies across the service sector continuously strive to streamline their customer journey without compromising on quality of service-banks are no exception. With the world around us moving faster than ever, financial institutions must keep up with their customers’ increasing expectations for convenience and speed.

our solution

One of the best avenues to improve overall customer experience is to avoid unnecessary frustration by cutting long waiting times. Toppan Gravity’s Modular Service Kiosks is designed for this exact purpose, streamlining commonly time-consuming processes such as onboarding while packing all the necessary equipment for instant issuance inside a compact box.

the results

The CEO of Nouvobanq, Mr. Christophe Edmond says, “We are honored to be partnering with Toppan Gravity in bringing the very first automated service kiosks to our customers in the Seychelles. This is a groundbreaking move in improving the level of service we offer to our customers as the kiosk will offer self-service facility which will greatly ease the way we do banking. It is also an important step towards our digital banking transformation at the Bank. We value this collaboration and look forward to a fruitful working relationship.”

Mr. Michael Hraschan, Toppan Gravity’s VP and Head of Payment, comments on the collaboration, “Our team is glad to be working together with Nouvobanq to implement Modular Service Kiosks at their branches across the Seychelles. We believe that options for streamlined self-service are key to a satisfying customer experience and will bring tremendous value to banks and customers alike. Our Branch-in-a-Box will redefine the onboarding process, setting a new standard for convenience while alleviating the workload for bank staff.”

Together, both companies aim to enhance Nouvobanq customers’ journey with multi-function service kiosks, facilitating banking processes such as card creation and account management for customers in Seychelles.